How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve Your Life, close up of woman's mouth showing teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is the act of improving your teeth’s appearance through aesthetic changes and restorative methods. These procedures include veneers, ultra-thin porcelain crowns, Invisalign, Zoom!2 teeth whitening, and composite white fillings. Luckily, all these services are offered by Dr. Michael J. Armento.

Of course, when deciding whether to receive cosmetic dentistry, you should consider all the information. Choosing cosmetic dental work is life-changing in more ways than one and has numerous benefits. We’ve compiled this list of considerations to give you a brief overview of cosmetic dentistry benefits.

Top Benefits
1. Higher Confidence
One of the top reasons people consider cosmetic dentistry is for aesthetic purposes and to boost their self-esteem. When you feel better about the look of your teeth, your confidence will automatically increase. You’ll find yourself smiling more and greeting others will full assurance that your teeth are bright and beautiful. Increased confidence can lead to several benefits, including closer relationships, participating in more events, and higher productivity.

2. More Smiling
Smiling in itself brings about numerous benefits. These include lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, pain relief, stress relief, and a happier and longer life. Additionally, smiling can reduce the risk of heart disease by briefly increasing your heart rate and then decreasing it while relaxing your muscles. Lowering your heart rate can help with stressful situations and make you feel more at ease. Plus, smiling releases natural painkillers and signals to your brain to fight illness.

Overall, smiling significantly impacts a person’s quality of life. However, these benefits will be null if you don’t smile often. Thus, cosmetic dentistry will give you years of your life back when you choose to show off your new teeth.

3. Better Health
As mentioned, cosmetic dentistry has indirect health benefits. These health benefits are much more direct and include improving oral health. For example, fixing damaged, chipped, misaligned, or cracked teeth can significantly impact gum health, eating habits, and enamel strength. Cosmetic dentistry also encourages post-treatment care, improving oral hygiene.

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